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A Destination Wedding

13th September 2018

Cornwall is a popular place for a destination wedding. If you are coming from abroad a celebration wedding ceremony is the ideal answer.

The UK registration has made it harder for those who live abroad, even if you are a UK national. The requirement of visas and 7 day residency followed by a period of 28 days, means you have to be in the UK for over a month, which is impractical for many couples.

The solution is to have a Celebrant Ceremony in Cornwall. You can get legally married in the country in which you live, and then gather with your family and friends to have a bespoke and unique ceremony written and delivered by David Michael Wedding Celebrant here in Cornwall.

The day will include all the elements you wish, the bride being given away, bridesmaids, best man and ushers, as well as exchanging vows and rings, plus readings and the signing and presentation of the certificate. You can also include other elements including a blessing, a Celtic handfasting to “tie the Knot” or any other elements you wish. 

Between us we will handcraft the perfect bespoke celebrant wedding ceremony for you in here in Cornwall.

Rain doesn't stop play

29th July 2018

From the moment I first met Lewis and Nina, it was Nina's dream to have an outdoor wedding.  The Lawn at Pencarrow House, between Wadebridge and Bodmin, Cornwall, was perfect.  Unfortunately after weeks of fine weather it rained.  So we were in the Marquee the atmosphere was perfect, the bride was beautiful and the ceremony written especially for Nina and Lewis was well received.  They then had their reception in the Marquee and the chairs moved to become the dancefloor in the evening.

A beautiful Beach Wedding

27th July 2018

We have been having the longest period of fine, hot sunny weather for about 40 years.  This week I received some pictures of a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony I conducted at the beach at Porthtowan, Cornwall. a few weeks ago.  It was a beautiful day and it was perfect with a gentle breeze.  It was possible because as a celebrant I am free of the restrictions of the Registrar and the Church.  I hope the weather is good tomorrow as I prepare for another outdoor ceremony at Pencarrow House, Washaway, Bodmin.

Why have a Celebrant Ceremony?

June 12th, 2018

This is my first Blog and I want explain the advantages of having a celebrant Wedding ceremony.

We are all familiar with registering a birth when a baby is born, and then holding a celebration to mark their arrival (baptism or indeed a naming ceremony), and likewise for a funeral, you would register a death and then have a funeral at the crematorium or burial site. This process is no longer followed for a wedding (unlike in the continent). This places restrictions on where, how and indeed when you can marry. A celebrant ceremony separates them so you are free to have the day of your dreams.

You spend lots of time getting the dress, suits, flowers, venue, photographer, food, cars etc. exactly right and then when it comes to your ceremony, the exchanging of vows, rings are the same as everyone else’s (save a few exceptions).

As with any civil marriage, you will have your interview with the registration service and arrange to pop in and make your legal declarations and sign your papers for a small fee - there is no exchanging of rings, or vows at this point . After about 10 minutes you are free to focus on your celebrations.

You may hold your bespoke and unique ceremony on the beach, at home, in a marquee, in a village hall or social club, at a beautiful woodland, on top of a headland, travelling on a steam train or boat, on an Island, at home, in a field (may be have festival themed wedding). How fabulous to be able to choose somewhere that holds a special meaning to you both, and for your wedding ceremony to be completely bespoke and all about you! Unlike registrars we do not need to have a roof.

I work hard getting to know my clients so that the ceremony is right for you, focused on you, you are free to involve guests and families. Unlike a registrar there is no restriction on the content of the readings, so some of these readings may be religious or spiritual. There are also no restrictions if you wish to include a hymn or some religious music.

I will work with you to write a unique ceremony that you and your guests will remember for always. It is your day so why not have it your way.