Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I hold my celebrant ceremony?

The answer to this question is only restricted by your imagination. It does not have to be licensed or approved (you may need to have the landowners permission). You may hold your bespoke and unique ceremony on the beach, at home, in a marquee, in a village hall or social club, at a beautiful woodland, on top of a headland, travelling on a steam train or boat, on an Island, at home, in a field (may be have festival themed wedding). How fabulous to be able to choose somewhere that holds a special meaning to you both, and for your wedding ceremony to be completely bespoke and all about you!  Unlike registrars we do not need to have a roof.

When can I have my celebrant ceremony?

You can be imaginative about the timing, and can have your celebrant ceremony at anytime, at night, when the sun rises or sets. Imagine a moonlit ceremony against the backdrop of a star filled sky.

Can we exchange rings?

Yes you can exchange rings, these can be blessed before you exchange them if you so wish.

Can we write our own vows?

You can write your own vows, or I can suggest some, and let you see some examples.

Is my ceremony unique?

Your ceremony will be written for you and about you,  There will be no others like it.

Can we include readings?

You can include readings, we can suggest some, or you can find them. These may be read by your guests or me. Unlike a registrar there is no restriction on the content of the readings, so some of these readings may be religious or spiritual.

Can we include hymns, prayers and songs?

Unlike registrars you can include hymns and prayers. There is also no restriction on the music played.

Can we play music during our ceremony?

You can play music during your celebrant ceremony. This may be live or recorded.

Do we get to sign a certificate?

You will sign a certificate, along with two witnesses, which will be presented at the end of the ceremony.

Do you do Cornish ceremonies?

Yes I can do Cornish ceremonies; these often have a Celtic theme.

Do you do Celtic Weddings?

I do Celtic weddings. These are often performed in circles rather than in an aisle,

as circles represented the intertwining of all natural elements.

May we have a themed ceremony or fancy dress?

You can were fancy dress or have a theme for the dress code.

Can we include other elements?

It is possible to include other elements, unity candle, hand fasting, anything you want to include.