Terms and Conditions 

  • There is a non-refundable deposit of £200 which is payable at the time of signing this agreement. This holds the date and time for both parties. The balance is due to be paid in full one month prior to the ceremony.
  • Couple understands and recognises that the celebrant performs other wedding ceremonies and that any change of date, time or location, without first notifying the celebrant may create a conflict with the celebrant's schedule. If a cancellation or change is made by the couple less than 7 days prior to the ceremony, the entire fee as contracted will be due. Likewise the celebrant commits to refunding the deposit if for any reason he is unable to perform the ceremony.
  • A Celebrant Ceremony is not legally binding and couples need to ensure they register their marriage prior or after a ceremony.  This is usually at a Standard Ceremony with the local available Registry Office.  This is to make two declarations 1.  You are free to marry 2. you take each other as husband or wife.  There is no requirement to exchang vows or rings. 
  • Celebrant is granted permission to use any photographs, testimonials, and the ceremony itself for publicity purposes, including and not limited to: publishing on websites, blog posts, Facebook, advertising, and material for future weddings. Celebrant maintains full copyright of the written ceremony, but allows the couple to use and share it for their own personal use. Celebrant must seek permission from the bride and groom before using any footage for commercial purposes.